Yamaha THR-10H is designed to truly fit where, when and how you play off-stage. Designed by people on the search for tone, Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology delivers amp sounds that respond exactly like real tube amps, incredibly realistic effects and hi-fi quality stereo playback - all at low volumes.


The little brother of the THR10, the THR5 offers the sound quality of the THR10 in a more portable form, making it perfect for use at home or when traveling.Now the THR5 has been upgraded version 2, with an even better sound that defies the convention that sound quality has to be sacrificed in a small amp with a small sound.



The MG15CFX combines Marshall’s famous solid-state tonal circuitry with modern digital FX. Choose from Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay (tap-tempo) and Octave (fixed).There are four channels, Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, which when in Manual mode operate like any normal amp. When in Preset mode, whatever settings you dial-in can be stored, so that when you switch to that channel, your settings will be recalled.


The Marshall MG15CF guitar combo amplifier gives you that great Marshall tone and two awesome channels in a very compact package! The 15-watt MG15CF includes a great-sounding 8" speaker, two switchable channels (Clean and Overdrive) with their own controls, and a 3-band EQ that lets you shape your tone. It has the cleanest tone imaginable. If you want to play along with your favorite tunes, this amp has a line in that lets you plug your MP3 or other music player right in! And silent practice or direct recording sounds great, thanks to a speaker-emulating headphone/line out built right into the Marshall MG15CF combo amplifier.


The MG15CFR is a no frills 15 Watt, 1 x 8″ combo, and although small in stature, it’s big on sound, packing a powerful Marshall punch that will knock out bigger competitors with ease – enough to practise with, yet loud enough to entertain a small crowd.The Clean and Overdrive channels share three-band EQ for excellent tonal control. There is also a handy MP3/Line In for jamming along to a track, and an emulated Headphone output for great sounding silent practice. The MG15CFR is equipped with a retro-style spring Reverb.


The Marshall MG Series MG Series MG10CF 10W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amp is an ideal amp for practicing and even playing in small jams. Boasting a bold carbon fibre clad look, solid digital effects and MG's critically acclaimed, analogue tonal heart, the MGCF Series has arrived and is already the practice amp choice of some of the world's leading players.This guitar amp is very powerful and handles all the high gain sounds with ultra clarity. Even when you play open chords on high gain settings.The notes ring out very clearly.The amp is powerful enough to sustain any kind of wear and tear and sounds amazing not only at home but during gigs too.



With its impressive sound, built-in effects, and the ability to swap COSM amp types via a free app for iOS and Android devices, the CUBE-10GX is the perfect small amp for jamming, bedroom practice, and recording. Built to the respected CUBE standard, the CUBE-10GX delivers big, full tones with its custom 8-inch speaker and heavy-duty cabinet design. Clean, Crunch, and Lead amp types come ready to play from the factory, but you can easily switch them out from your favorite mobile device. The CUBE KIT app includes multiple amps to choose from, including vintage classics, ultra-heavy gain machines, and even amps for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. The compact CUBE-10GX also includes options for shaping your tones even further with three-band EQ and onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects.



Blackstar’s design philosophy has always been to deliver the ultimate playing experience for guitarists no matter what their ability or budget. The LT-ECHO 10 and LT-ECHO 15 are two channel practice amps targeted at guitarists who are just starting out, but want great tone.The inclusion of ISF and a digital ‘tape’ delay means they will significantly outclass and outperform the competition.The LT-ECHO’s amazing tone, feel and features will inspire beginners to play and help generate the next generation of loyal Blackstar users!


Carlsbro Kickstart 15

his compact practice combo with a power rating of 15w includes the essential headphone socket for silent practice making it ideal for home use. Preamp features include a switchable Volume and Gain function, Bass, Treble and Master Volume controls, all of which allow you to colour your sound for both clean and overdrive performance. The MP3 input allows you to connect your MP3 player to play along with your favourite artist. This quality practice combo offers outstanding performance, stylish looks and with its strong corner protection mouldings, road proven easy to clean covering makes this practice combo a must buy!



The Stranger PM-102 guitar/bass/keyboard/vocals mixing amplifier, which is the most powerful offering from Stranger Audio yet. The mammoth roar of this amplifier has to be heard to be believed. With a power rating of 120W RMS, this ampli-speaker is powerful enough for an indoor gig and can easily handle three simultaneous inputs without overloading. The 12" heavy-duty matched speaker‚ fitted on this combo amplifier provides a faithful replication of low and mid-range guitar and bass tones, while the tweeter handles the high frequencies.


Stranger Cube 80M Amplifier - Compact amplifier with heavy duty 12" speaker powered by 80W amplifier to deliver an optimum performance irrespective of its size. Double channel 3 Input with 3 way Tone Control and Reverb. Specially designed for Keyboard / Guitar and Mic.


Stranger NS 30E Amplifier with 30 watts RMS power, 10" heavey duty speakers, digital echo distortion effects.


Stranger C15 Guitar Amplifier comes with great features 6" speakers, 15 watts output, 3 way tone control, guitar/ Aux and mic inputs, digital echo and distortion effects, Headphone/line out.


Bass, Mid and Treble control provided for selection of tone. Suitable for Guitar / Keyboard with Mic mix.


Bass, Mid and Treble control provided for selection of tone. Suitable for Guitar / Keyboard with Mic mix.


20 Watts

SoundX amplifiers has Bass, Mid and Treble control provided for selection of tone. Suitable for Guitar / Keyboard with Mic mix.