Acoustic-Electric Guitars


Yamaha F-series

Quality and tone at an affordable price is the hallmark of our F series guitars.Yamaha guitars have passed lots of quality checking process and strict quality tests.These works are leading to high durability and stability.These guitars share every bit of the passion that ignites our premium ranges and are the perfect instrument for student or seasoned player alike.



Yamaha C-series

A high level of craftmanship and great attention paid to detail results in instruments of outstanding quality.The C series guitars provide excellent cost performance for beginners and young learners with exceptional playability and superb tone.



Yamaha APX500

The world’s best-selling acoustic electric guitar, the 500-series embodies the pure spirit of Yamaha guitars – the perfect balance of performance, value and dependability. The new 500III models feature cut-through pickup sound, dynamic tone and upgraded cosmetics that combine on-stage attitude with refined, timeless good looks.


Jimm Guitar

Jimm Acoustic Electric Guitars are low cost beginner’s guitars in the segment of Hertz, Kadence and other Acoustic Guitars. The overall look and feel is good with tuner and great pickup


Earth Grand

The Cort Earth Grand Electro Acoustic Guitar features a dreadnought body profile, which translates into versatile playability. As a result, this instrument offers excellent projection and the perfect balance between size and ease of play. The solid spruce construction of the guitar’s top renders rich, complex tones and a high degree of stiffness. Therefore, if you are a ‘jack of all trades, this Earth Grand guitar is your best bet, given that it offers sonic versatility.


Trinity Fibre Acoustic Electric Guitar

Trinity guitars is a musical instruments manufacturer which produces gear like all types of guitars. As a firm into the music industry, the love for music has led to produce high end quality musical instruments. Their musical instruments are considered to be the best and bought by their loyal customers around the world.


Hofner-Jumbo with EQ

The large Jumbo Cutaway has a rich sound with full bass frequencies.A Fishman pre-amp system with three band EQ, phase switch and tuner is installed.Highly figured rosewood body with high grade solid spruce top with Black Hi-gloss rosewood body. Black hardware.